Identity, Credential, & Access Management

Daleon Global is a proven and highly skilled company aimed at offering high quality professional Enterprise Systems and Security services with an emphasis on Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM). We have consultants who are recognized as subject matter experts within recognized the ICAM implementation environment. We capitalize on the 0MB (Office of Management and Budget) government mandate 0MB 11-11, stating that all government agencies and commercial vendors must have their ICAM backbone infrastructures upgraded.

Our practice provides services to the government with a strong focus on the following:

  • ICAM migration risk assessment and planning
  • Providing roadmaps for migration of an existing ICAM network infrastructure
  • Implementing a migration of ICAM, including installation, deployment, and testing phases
  • Network operations, including management and maintenance Troubleshooting, administration, and support of networks


As Information Technology (IT) continues to increase in complexity, many organizations struggle with the management challenges associated with an overabundance of application-specific user accounts and access controls. This problem is further complicated by today’s mobile workforce and the need to access critical information anywhere, and anytime. Organizations are now working to establish unified, robust, and enterprise-wide user authorization and authentication frameworks to enable streamlined access without compromising the security that more sensitive applications and data demand.

Daleon Global helps our customers deploy Identity and Access Management solutions that result in significant operational and business process improvement. Our full lifecycle Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) practice is focused on solving difficult enterprise issues associated with user registration, credentialing, authentication, and authorization to physical and logical assets.


Daleon Global’s ICAM service offerings include: Strategic Planning and Program Management- Effective ICAM solutions demonstrate a balance between usability and security. We leverage our full lifecycle understanding of ICAM and E-Authentication to support a collaborative benchmarking process that provides our clients with insight into numerous organizations that share similar challenges. Our subject matter experts bring extensive experience with federal ICAM policy, guidelines, and technical standards.

Dalton Globals’ ICAM Strategic Planning and Program Management services include:

  • ICAM and E-Authentication Policy Analysis and Development
  • ICAM and E-Authentication Technology and Implementation Analysis
  • ICAM Strategy and Implementation Roadmap
  • ICAM Governance and Oversight Program Management

Daleon Global’ ICAM System Architecture, Design and Integration services include:

  • Concept of Operations (ConOps)
  • Operational Lifecycle Cost Model
  • ICAM/Federated Identity Architecture
  • Registration and Credentialing Workflow Development

Daleon Global’ ICAM Process and Application Enablement services include:

  • PIV-Enabled Network Logon
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Digital Signature, Encryption and Timestamp E-Authentication

Enabling identity, credential, access management to improve information assurance and streamline sharing within the enterprise and beyond.

Daleon Global

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