SafeCheck Services


SafeCheck is a comprehensive data gathering platform that serve as the foundation of your company’s wellness monitoring and support program. By providing a daily status report on the wellness of your staff, Safe Check can assist with decision making regarding the collective wellness of your workforce on issues such as whether to implement a work-from-home contingency, or when a return to office directive is appropriate.

SafeCheck has the capability to capture employee’s temperature data, vaccination data, COVID Testing data, Symptoms Questionnaire data and customizable wellness form data. SafeCheck also provides aggregated wellness data to assist with workforce staffing planning to ensure minimal disruptions resulting from sick leave.

Wellness Platform Portal

  • Uses CDC & OSHA guidance to help Employers understand their wellness status and promote safety as employees return to work.
  • Daily wellness dashboards allow HR to view employees wellness data real time.
  • Simple, Secure and Seamless experience for everyday use.
  • Investing in the Wellness of your employees is the most vital decision to your business.

Employer Benefits

  • Provides early warning of potential infectious wellness impacts which will permit employers to enforce sick leave and remote working to protect the office staff.
  • Acts as an effective decision support tool for wellness and safety protocols relating to infections disease.
  • Provides a more accurate macro wellness profile to better plan staffing needs to fill sick leave positions as well as manage quarantine process workflow.
  • Saves time and cost of wellness related information gathering by automating communications and workflow based on preset standards (ex. OSHA and CDC).
  • Promotes good corporate citizenship by safeguarding staff who are the greatest asset to any successful business

Employee Benefits

  • Collects impartial, symptom-based and vaccination data to manage symptoms at home prior to going to work.
  • HIPAA compliant data collection that allows employees to feel safe that their data is protected at the highest level.
  • Provides peace of mind that your workplace is safe and your colleagues at the workplace have been SafeCheck certified.
  • SafeCheck also allows employees a mobile application that can share time-stamped wellness data through a QR code to outside family, businesses and or people

Business Customer Benefits

  • Provides peace of mind that visiting your vendor is safe and their workplace is protected.
  • Demonstrates that your vendor cares for your wellness and the wellness of their staff.
  • Allows customers a clear wellness discriminator in selecting the appropriate vendor to frequent.
  • SafeCheck can also be a marketing discriminator to separate businesses from competitors that choose not to invest in the wellness of their employees and customers.

Academia Benefits

  • Our SafeCheck wellness workflow and wellness data management addresses concerns around on campus infections in classrooms and dorms.
  • Effective wellness management is needed to raise student retention levels.
  • All courses do not have the ability to be remote. Its vital to have students and faculty feel safe in order to properly educate students.
  • SafeCheck’s goal is to have all students have the ability to participate in 100% of campus activities including sports, clubs and events.