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At Daleon Global, we understand that when it comes to training, every business has unique needs. Therefore, we do not offer you off-the-shelf training solutions. Instead, we spend time and effort to devise a completely tailored IT Service Management, Lean management, or Project management training solution accordingly. Whether you need assistance to improve your business’s practices, or you want us to design a training solution from scratch, we will study your business, understand your needs, and design a solution that complements your objectives. In addition to offering on-site consultations, we can organize virtual meetings to save time and expedite the process.

IT Service


In today’s world, information technology has become an integral component of everyday business. From the smallest one-person company to enterprises with a global presence, IT accompanies workflows of businesses of all sizes. Since all companies compete effectively on service, the only way you can differentiate your business and stand apart from your competitors is by improving your IT service management model and its execution.

Daleon Global provides you an opportunity to revamp your traditional IT service management model and ensure provision of high-quality IT services at an optimal cost with our IT Service Management training solutions. We equip your top-level management, as well as the frontline staff with the knowledge and skills they need to create appreciated service moments and leverage the power of IT to drive your company’s success.

The Business Value of Effective IT Service Management

The fact that a business’s profitability and customer engagement is highly dependent on the availability, reliability, security, and performance of IT services has made effective IT service management an absolute necessity for all enterprises. The most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world, lays out a framework of best practices that your company can employ to:

  • Reduce costs through improve utilization of resources.
  • Eliminate redundancy and improve the efficiency of day to day operational.
  • Provide services that meet the needs of business, employees, and customers.
  • Align IT services and business’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Achieve greater visibility and control of their IT assets and costs.

At Daleon Global, we believe that to realize the true benefits of IT Service Management, businesses must comprehend it as an all-inclusive concept and internalize and integrate it into their everyday work. Therefore, the training solutions offered by us have been uniquely designed to bring business processes and IT into alignment and achieve an optimum relationship between costs, benefits, and risks. Manage and mitigate business risks and avoid the costs associated with service disruption.




The Business Value of Effective Lean Management

Daleon Global’s Lean management training solutions enables businesses to become more effective, efficient, and flexible in managing a variety of different processes. Through our use of a variety of different tools and technology, businesses will gain a better and improved understanding on Key Process Indicators (KPI). They will become aware of the seven key wastes required to build good practices within the company and promote idea generation amongst different departments. Daleon Global’s trains businesses to implement techniques for downtime prevention, increase of OEE, and conversion reduction.

  • Identify weakness, examine it, perform countermeasures, and take preventive measures.
  • Determine each crucial step in a business process and eliminate steps that fail to create value.
  • Promote projects throughout the company to promote good and shared practices within managerial and operational processes and departments.

Support idea generation by workers to improve current practices and processes and examine the effect of each one before implementing into the operation systems.

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The Business Value of Effective Project Management

Project management plays a central role in ensuring the success of complex, high impact, and time sensitive projects. Project management involves eliminating the silo mentality where different departments within the businesses fail to communicate information, tools, goals, processes, and priorities, complete initiatives within scope, schedule, and budget, and engage stakeholders. Project management can establish milestones and get the project on track to successful completion within the estimated timeframe. Our project management.

  • Utilize continuous improvement processes and methodologies together with change management techniques to achieve buy-ins with stakeholders.
  • Offer consultative support to various IT program management departments, develop a project management process to end to end system selection, and prioritize the business’s project portfolio.
  • Ensure timely completion of projects within budget by implementing best practices
  • Identify the optimal and most favorable method to utilize the business’s time, budget, effort, and talent.

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