From a wide range of disparate technologies to complex regulatory requirement and a constant need for innovation all have left even the best resourced IT departments overwhelmed. While some may see this as an insurmountable challenge, Daleon Global sees it as an opportunity—an opportunity to help you align your IT services with business requirements, while reducing cost and increasing the reliability and quality of your technology assets. Leveraging our proven systematic approach and extensive experience of providing superior-quality IT consulting services, we help you keep pace with change and optimize the delivery of business processes while improving availability and reducing costs and security risks.

IT Service


At Daleon Global, IT Service Management is more than just making optimal use of people, processes, and technologies. It is about adopting an all-encompassing, integrated service-based approach towards IT delivery to help businesses align the delivery of IT services to their pre-defined goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

Utilizing our extensive experience of delivering ITSM consulting services to a wide range of industries, we devise a tailored solution that drives change, delivers significant cost savings, and maximizing the contribution of IT to your business’s success. We provide you expert advice and guidance regarding all your IT Service Management needs. At Daleon Global, we believe that to realize the true benefits of ITSM, businesses must comprehend it as an all-inclusive concept and internalize and integrate it into their everyday work. All our ITSM training and consultancy activities relate directly to enabling your organization to attain and maintain the professionalism that defines a world-class service organization.



Daleon Global has an impressive track record of providing businesses with proven project management solutions that are both cost-effective and outcome-driven. Our team of consultants have an extensive experience of driving high-priority projects to successful on-time, on-budget completion. In addition to this, we also mentor your employees and help them adopt a more structured and effective approach towards project management.

We offer consulting services in the following areas of program and project management:

  • Project review and recovery
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management maturity advancement
  • Risk identification and development of mitigation plans
  • Conducting project health checks



Daleon Global creates value for customers by helping them identify and focus on the process changes that will improve their efficiency and help them achieve their desired results with fewer resources. Our lean management consultants adopt a pragmatic diagnostic approach to map out your day to day processes and their costs. By conducting a thorough bottleneck analysis, we identify the areas of improvements that have the potential to produce sustainable efficiency results for your company.



As your business grows, your IT requirements also evolve. With a plethora of technologies and equipment available, knowing which IT solutions your business should invest in can become a major headache. Daleon Global offers you assistance in this overwhelming situation by providing you expert advice on which IT solutions will meet your current and future needs and offer you maximum value.

What sets Daleon Global apart from other IT providers is our end-to-end IT solutions that go beyond just basic back-end support. The solutions engineered by our experts not only work today, but are also easily scalable to deliver you great value in the long run.


We help you ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information assets with our cyber security consulting services that focus on helping you identify the security threats and developing a robust defense strategy against them.

We recommend businesses analyze their security systems to ensure they are fool-proof. In today’s age, hacking and leaking sensitive data has become extremely important. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to take preventive measure to ensure this does not occur with them.

Collaboration and Social Enterprise

Our consultants can help you break the silos within your organization and help you design a communication network that will ensure seamless connectivity to your employees from any place at any time. A company’s success is dependent on its communication practices.

If departments fail to communicate their goals, ideas, and successes, the business will endure difficulties and hardships in accomplishing their objective. We can assist companies develop a collaborate approach to promote communication between all departments within the company.

SharePoint Migrations

Our SharePoint Migrations solutions enable businesses to establish a collaborative working environment. We aim to increase employee engagements, facilitate collaborative work, and automatic business process through our solutions. Our SharePoint Migrations benefits businesses the following ways:

  • Facilitate real-time communication amongst teams
  • Promote cross-departmental communication
  • Offers a cohesive communication platform for all department to stay in touch
  • Establishes centralised source of inform to promote a consistent vision
  • Manages different types of workflows utilizing both bespoke and unique SharePoint capabilities
  • Adjust SharePoint to manage different functions of the business like research, screening, and idea generation
  • Promotes decision-making and improves the competencies of the team

Infrastructure Planning, Design, and Management

We can provide you expert advice on infrastructure modernization and recommend you solutions that will serve your business needs today and tomorrow.

Daleon Global has time-honoured, wide ranging industry experience, gained through working with a broad spectrum of organizations around the world over the years. We have helped a large number of businesses overcome their IT-related challenges and achieve measurable results.